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My thoughts on the final. I'm extremly tired, do remember that!

Oh my goodness. I’m shell shocked.

I cried. I cried in the first ten minutes when Bree put her head on Rex’s chess and they talked of the silverware. Again when Rex wrote the note and when Bree cried at the table. I cried at Mary-Alice’s ending monologue, it rang true in so many ways.

In all, it was beautiful, though not quite tied up, I suppose that’s still to continue the suspense for next year. Will Paul return? whose is Gabby’s baby? Did Felicia live? Will Mike get shot? What’s the deal with the new residents? Will Carlos get sent down, and for how long? What is Toms secret? What happens with Andrew, the demon son from hell? And George, he now deserves death, what happens to him? And so on.

Marcia, the acting was wonderful, and it was heartrending. The tears were so raw.

It was nicely knitted together, the narration was helpful, it carried the plot. The scenes flowed freely, though I did notice a distinct lack of Drama for Lynette. Gabby had the court room and the affair and the baby, Susan had the Mike affair and the being held hostage, and Bree had losing Rex. I felt Lynette was lacking a bit.

I must take a moment to comment on the music. Danny Elfman does the theme tune, but I’m not sure if he does the incidental music as well (one would assume so). Danny is most famous, of course, for the Simpson theme tune, which has probably made him a millionaire. The music in the scene where Bree is told Rex is dead was perfect. Minor key, solo, melancholy violin which began light but developed into a rich, deep, heavy sound, as Bree’s world fell in on her. It was haunting almost. It paused a moment while she sat at the table, and an eerie high pitched drone was all that punctuated the silence. Then the music swept over you as the tears swept over Bree. It was perfect.

Marc Cherry = prince among writers.

And Mary-Alice. If you were to write her biography, it would be titled “The Iron Curtain of the Suburban Nightmare.” She was just another victim, just like we all are at some stage. She made mistakes and in the end they cost her everything. Her nice life in Utah, her identity as Angela, her home, her peace of mind. She must’ve looked over her shoulder for Diedra until the day she came, and after that she looked for the police, or as it turned out the notes. She gave her life to protect her secrets, but it failed because her family fell apart anyway. Her son went mad, as did her husband, and eventually he told her story anyway. So she died in vain.

It’s a mistake to believe we can control everything. We cannot control anything really. Angela thought the secrets died with her, but she just led more people inside them. Her death proved nothing. Gabrielle couldn’t control her lust, or her body, even though she thought she could. Lynette couldn’t control her kids, who her husband worked with, his job, even though she thought she had that sorted, she did not. Susan couldn’t control her feelings for mike, even though she knew he was bad news. She can’t control her daughter and Zach’s relationship, though she thought she could. In the end, Zach held the control over her life, he held a gun. Edie couldn’t control her men, or her house, or her best friend. She couldn’t control mike, despite her best efforts. She couldn’t manipulate their relationship. And Bree. She seemed so controlled, but she is not, in fact she’s closest to falling apart. All the way through she’s had control issues. She can’t control her husbands fidelity, or who he sees, or the cheap jibes he throws. She can’t control her son and daughter, in particular Andrew, who she’s been fighting with since scene one. She couldn’t control Rex moving out, or moving in, or his health. She couldn’t control his tablets as it turned out. She couldn’t control fate.

So maybe the issue is control, and knowing when to exert it and when to let go. We have not control enough to do much, in fact it’s an illusion to give us some power over our own destiny. I like to believe I control myself and my own destiny. But to what extent it that true? I rely on others everyday, we all do. Do those others have more control over us than we do? No, we are all the same. Without control it is said there will be anarchy, but really, control only exists to the extent of the belief we place in it, and the trust we have for it.

To what extent is that?
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